Trailer Park Thursdays: Time To Prepare Edition

Everyone knows that, with time to prepare, Batman is invincible. It’s the caveat that always allows Batman to win. Coming soon is an animated movie that will allow Batman to have time to prepare for the first time in the form of Batman Year One. It also happens to be my first trailer to present to you this week. Following that is another man who has time to prepare, Ethan Hunt. We have the trailer for Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol. After that the usual randomly generated retro trailer.

First up Batman Year One. Based on the Frank Miller comic of the same name this is the latest in the Batman animated movies to come from Bruce Timm and Warner Bros. Hopefully it’ll continue the quality they’ve managed to keep up with animated Batman adventures over the years. Whether it’ll be as good as say Mask Of The Phantasm is yet to be determined. It’s certainly a damn good source material they have to work with. There’s also an animated film based on The Dark Knight Returns on the way which I predict will be awesome. There’s currently no decent quality versions on youtube and the embed from it’s source is all screwy, so for now click the link and when I get a youtube version of the trailer I’ll post it.

Batman Year One Trailer

Here’s the embed

The Mission Impossible series has been a bit of a mixed bag. I really enjoy the first film for all it’s convoluted plot twistery. The second is fecking terrible though. And the third is a decent action spy movie bu7t largely forgettable. There, won’t have to spend a week reviewing them now. This new trailer looks fairly cool. there’s mystery, gadgets, more Simon Pegg and, of course, that key line. Also, the white Samuel L Jackson, Jeremy Renner is in this. Seriously, that guy is in EVERYTHING now.

Seeing as is the Independence Day in the US earlier this week I guess there’s only one trailer I could feature as the retro trailer of the week. I remember seeing this trailer in the cinema years ago and having my mind blown. This film came right at the pinnacle of model effects just as CGI was starting to find it’s feet. also, WELCUM TA EARF!!

Still to come on The Film Dump over the coming weeks. The rest of the Harry Potter films, with Chamber of Secrets being reviewed tonight. The King, Jan Svankmejer’s Alice, Inglourious Basterds and Ip Man. My rentals of Wall Street and Green Lantern Emerald Knights got lost in the post so they won’t be getting done anytime soon. Lame.


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