Daily Archives: July 7, 2011

Trailer Park Thursdays: Time To Prepare Edition

Everyone knows that, with time to prepare, Batman is invincible. It’s the caveat that always allows Batman to win. Coming soon is an animated movie that will allow Batman to have time to prepare for the first time in the form of Batman Year One. It also happens to be my first trailer to present to you this week. Following that is another man who has time to prepare, Ethan Hunt. We have the trailer for Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol. After that the usual randomly generated retro trailer.

But what if Deadpool had time to prepare also?

Movie Review No.36: Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone

Well it’s the start of Harry Potter Week (and a half) and my journey into the Potter-verse has been booted into the broomstick straddling position by The Philosopher’s Stone. That would be Sorcerer’s Stone to any US readers I may have. Why the different names? Because apparently someone at Warner thought the US citizens wouldn’t know what a Philosopher was. It’s good that they have that confidence in their audience. So how do I feel this film kicks off the biggest money spinning kids franchise of the decade? Click the jump to find out.

I don’t know any good funny Harry Potter lines I could put here.