Captain America Score Preview here!!

Who fancies listening to 13 minutes of Alan Silvestri’s score for the upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger movie? Well I’ve got a lovely little youtube embed just after the link for ya’ll to enjoy. Click the link yo!

I quite like this. It has a real classic hero feel to it, at times reminding me of films such as Indiana Jones and The Rocketeer in tone. A very traditional horn led score for sure which will go well with the World War 2 setting. A captain America score needs to have an adventurous and patriotic (to the US of course) feel to it and this has both. Also has a few ominous sections which I’m gonna guess is the Red Skull’s theme. Really am looking forward to this now. The recent TV spot that showed some explorers finding Cap buried in ice is the sort of key scene I wanted to see in the film. It’s not a spoiler of a scene either, if anything it reassures you that this film is sticking real close to the comics. There had been rumours that Captain America would get frozen by some other means, even time travel was mentioned in one particularly dumb rumour blog. Anyway, I like the score, the trailers and the overall style of this film so far. It had better not disappoint.


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