Stats Dump Time!

It’s officially the end of month 2 for The Film Dump and stats have been all crazy up in dis bitch over the last month. I did a stats dump entry on May 25th and at the end I said I’d do another at the 6 month mark. But due to the massive leap in views I got this month and the amount the stats have been shaken up I thought I do one now. I’m a bit of a stats geek, hopefully you are too. Here we go…

So, last month I was on 756 views and I figured about 300 of those were spam referrals. Spam referrals are where someone creates a link to your blog, usually the homepage, clicks the link and then deletes it from their advert heavy site. The idea being that I see it in my referrals and wonder who’s been linking my blog, click the link and unwittingly give the vulture some ad view money. This month my total views, as of this second are… Drumroll please… 4,916!!! Yes that required 3 exclamation marks. This can largely be attributed to one post in particular. My posting of the latest Harry Potter trailer. This post alone has racked up, in just over a week, 2,536 views. That is over 1,500 more than even the homepage has received. Now as for them vultures, they’ve actually backed off a fair bit it seems. I’m generally getting less hits on my homepage every day and more on the individual articles and those can be tied to various searches, but more on searches later!

Because of this weeks spike my average views is now sat at 536 a day, up 831% from the previous week. i reckon that’ll drop over the next few weeks though as people stop searching for the Harry Potter trailer. I’m still sticking to my rule that if I can average over 100 a day for a few weeks I’ll get myself the .com treatment for The Film Dump. we’ll see how that is going come the end of July. My busiest day was June 22nd which was at the peak of the Harry Potter trailer madness.

I am quite glad for all these views and it appears at least some people viewing the trailer have stuck around to read other posts on the site. Plenty of reviews jumped up a notch on their views over this last week. I could have done with more commenting and subscribing, as it was those things barely increased at all. Oh well. I did set up a facebook page for The Film Dump though which if you “like” it you’ll have the latest posts appear in your facebook feed and the occasional random musing from myself. You can find that page here. Please like it because it’ll make me happy in my face.

Top 5 reviews time!!!

Movie Review No.19: X-Men 2 187
Movie Review No.5: Titanic 2 … Wait, What? 176
Movie Review No.20: X-Men: The Last Stand. 141
Movie Review No.22: X-Men: First Class 126
Movie Review No.21: X-Men Origins: Wolverine 77

Bit of a X-Men white-wash there. Quite glad that X-Men 2 was my most viewed though as there is a trend for the most popular reviews to be the negative ones, as seen by Titanic 2, X-Men 3 and Wolverine being in that top 5. X-Men 2 only over took Titanic 2 yesterday which I honestly thought would never happen because people really do seem to love that film and Shane Van Dyke.

Shane Van Dyke is obviously some sort of untapped stud material.

Most searched for stuff!!

Well it’s a bit tricky to sort the most searched for terms because “X-Men” is a separate term to “X Men” which is also a separate term to X Man. I’ve never featured the largely forgotten comic X-Man so I figure they meant X-Men too. Anyway this is my guesstimate of the top five based on variations of spelling.

1) Harry Potter
2) Shane Van Dyke
3) X-Men 2
4) X-Men First Class
5) Ghost World Comic

Yup, Ghost World made the list. It has 20 searches on that term alone. People are still searching for Titanic 2 and various members of the Van Dyke family. Now for my favorite searches though. The weirdest ones…

“picard there’s the door”
“trailer park girls”
“faust women sex” (Bad bot, dirty boy, in your bed!)
“see monster big”
“anime sail boat” (I’m envisioning something awesome here)
“who are the women with hayden in titanic 2”
“just look at him at the end of x-men origins: wolverine:xavier”
“top 10 scott pilgrim rules the world movie quotes young neal now you are a man just neal”
“jeff bridges dump” (What the hell?)
“magneto turtleneck” (It’s called a tactelneck, as in tactical Turtleneck)
“kiss of dumper hollywood movie”
“dave sheridan shirtless photo” (I have no idea who Dave Sheridan is or why this led to teh Film Dump)
“panties in films”

So, quite a mix of bizarre and worrying. There’s actually a few different searches for Magneto’s Tactical Turtleneck. I vote they sell those, obviously in dark black and a slightly darker shade of black.

So that’s it for Stats Dump this time. Unless something major happens I will wait until the 6 month mark to see how much things have changed. Who knows, maybe I’ll manage to get some celebrity endorsements at the London Film And Comic Con in a couple of weeks. Christopher Lambert and Karen Gillan are gonna be there so I may harass them. As you can see Harry Potter has dominated the stats this month. As such I’ll be reviewing ALL the Harry potter films in a couple of weeks. Got cash in on the latest trends if I hope to make this blog a success. that’s my strategy anyway. Sell out early and go all arty when I can get away with it. Maybe.


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