Trailer Park Thursdays: Movies What Are Coming Soon Edition

So we’re less than a week away from the release of Transformers: Dark Of The Moon and a little more than a week away from when I’ll be seeing it. I’ll be going to see it on Friday night seeing as I have no pennies before then. Boo and indeed hiss. Next week, starting Monday I’ll be reviewing each Transformers film leading up to my review of the new film which should go up on Friday. In light of Transformers week, this week’s trailer park will include the latest of the Transformers 3 trailers. Also we’ll have the trailer for the remake of Footloose and the new Cronenberg film A Dangerous Method. As usual I’ll also dig up some retro trailer goodness. Click the link for viewing pleasures.

First up Transformers Dark Of The Moon. I saw a trailer for this in 3D before Green Lantern and it was pretty damn impressive. I think Bay may, more so than Cameron, truly understand how to shoot 3D. there was a few shots from the sky diving scene and it was epic to say the least.

Next up the remake of Footloose which I’m not sold on. Dunno who this guy is pretending to be Kevin Bacon but he ain’t no Kevin Bacon, and if you ain’t Kevin Bacon I don’t give a rats ass.I’m sure the dancing will appeal to the simpleton crowd out there. the same people that love Jason Statham movies and think Danny Dyer is a real person. Also this has the theme tune from WWE NXT which is usually a real seal of quality.

Now the trailer for David Cronenberg’s latest, A Dangerous Method. I’s a film about Sigmund Freud and Karl Jung, but really it’s about Jung’s S&M parties with an allegedly Russian Keira Knightly. Not buying that accent one bit. Still, can rarely fault Cronenberg.

And lastly the trailer for the cinemtatic Sci-fi classic that is… Masters Of The Universe. Why? Why not?

So other than the Transformers reviews I’ll be reviewing The Killer Inside Me at some point over the next few days so subscribe and all that jazz. Also find The Film Dump on facebook and like it or something.


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