Best Day Ever!

Good excuse to use this pic again.

Yesterday I was a pretty chuffed amateur film reviewer when I saw that my humble little film blog, not even 8 weeks old, had received a whopping 147 views. The previous highest was during the week X-Men First Class was released and that was a staggering, for me at least, 96 views. Well today I beat both of those by quite some way thanks to a boy wizard and his NYYYYAAAAHHHHing arch nemesis. How many views? Hit the jump to find out.


Yup, 692 page views in one day. 572 of which were for the new Harry Potter trailer. Which means at least 120 were views for other reviews and posts which is awesome cos that means people are browsing and that’s what I want to see.

This is what my stats graph looks like now…

I believe that is what you call a spike.

That’s totally messed up my graph. It would be pretty lame if after a few days that dropped back down to my average of 40odd views per day. So here’s so steps I guess I should take.

1) Inform you guys that there is a facebook fan page for The Film Dump. I can’t get a nice custom url for it until 100 people like it so you know what to do. In the meantime hopefully this link will work.

2) I could put the Harry Potter tag in every post I make from now on but that’s cheating so I won’t.

3) I could also ask you kindly to subscribe to The Film Dump by clicking the subscribe button on the right.

4) I’m gonna have to review all the Harry Potter films in one week aren’t I?

Now that last one is gonna be interesting. You see as a late 20s male I am certainly not in the demographic for Harry Potter. the first time I posted a Harry potter trailer on here was because I was laughing at all the times Voldemort went “NYAAAAAAHHHH!!!!” over the course of the trailer. This latest one, the one that’s brought in the viewers, I posted because it’s a genuinely excellent trailer and made me think I might actually go see this. Trouble is I haven’t seen the previous Harry Potter films. Well except for most of the first one and that didn’t do much for me.

So I’m gonna put myself through them all in the space of a week culminating in seeing the new film at the cinemas and each day I’ll be posting a review for them. Now this should be interesting because as stated I am not a Harry Potter fan. See Harry potter has followed me around. My first job was at Toys R Us and during my time there Harry Potter mania first took off. We had a giant display in the front of store that would play the Harry Potter theme over and over and over again. It was maddening. Plus I was one of them cool kids that was like totally Nu Metal and stuff so Harry Potter was so lame. Anyway, I left there and went to work for EA in the Quality Assurance department. After 10 months of working on Battlefield Bad Company I got placed on harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. First off, I’m really sorry, it wasn’t my fault. Secondly I ended up learning way too much about the Harry Potter universe from working on that one game. More than a guy who wasn’t interested should have known. Now I work for HMV and as you can guess every few months there’s some sort of Harry Potter dvd, game or book out for me to sell. get this, I even knew a guy that worked on one of the films. I get the feeling you can’t be British without having some sort of link to Harry Potter in your life somewhere.

So, the reviews. Now I’m not gonna be lame and promise I’m gonna love each one, but, I think following the reviews might be quite interesting for Harry Potter fans out there. Will I blind hate them all? Will I find the merit in them that I’ve previously missed? Will I be converted to their charms as the days roll on? Maybe I’ll even get invested in the characters and the universe. I’d like to say I doubt it but I do like my fantasy films and gradually that Emma Watson is gonna get older. And I’m clearly a dirty old man.

So, if you’re interested in seeing me fall apart at the seems gradually over the course of a week why not subscribe, follow me on Twitter or become a fan of The Film Dump on facebook to see just what kind of damage watching 8 Harry Potter films in a row can do for a non-fans psyche. In the meantime, tomorrow I’ll be reviewing Legend of the Guardians and next week I’ll be having a Transformers theme. yes I actually went out and purchased Revenge of the Fallen just to review it on this blog. The things I put myself through for you guys.


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