Final (Spoilery) Harry Potter 7 Trailer!

I have no idea who made this pic but it is hilarious.

As previously stated, I’m not a fan of Harry Potter. He’s followed me everywhere I’ve worked and it’s creeping me out. Gotta say though, this is a good trailer. Almost makes me want to see it. Dunno if I will cos I’ll be totally lost as it is. Anyway, click the link to view the new trailer. As a fun game, take a shot every time you hear Voldamort go “NYAAAAAHHHHH!!”. Yes, they did that same sound effect at least 5 times over again.

Was 6 Nyaaaahh’s right? That’s what I counted. Anyway, should I make an effort to watch and review all the previous films before this one is released? Answers on a postcard please… or in the comments.

EDIT: This is my most viewed post ever by a massive margin. Even more than the Titanic 2 review.

Seeing as this is getting an ungodly amount of traffic would it be rude of me to suggest that if you like what you see on The Film Dump why not “like” the facebook Film Dump fan page? And once I can figure out what it’s url is… or I can get it to 100 likes, I’ll make a direct link.

And here’s that direct link!


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2 responses to “Final (Spoilery) Harry Potter 7 Trailer!

  • Daniel

    Blimmin’eck, he really does do that alot.

    • lvl54spacemonkey

      It’s an odd thing to do in 2 separate trailers. In the first one I thought it was just a case of them not noticing a place holder sound effect being left there. Now it’s like we’re meant to find the scream significant when really it’s just dumb sounding. If ever I see the film all I’m gonna be thinking of is when that scream is gonna be in it.

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