Trailer Park Thursdays: It Ain’t Easy Being Green Edition

So we’re 1 day away from the UK release of Green Lantern and as you may have guessed from this blogs content I’m quite looking forward to it. Shame that it seems to be a stinker then. Obviously my review is the final word on it though so don’t you go forgetting that! We have 3 green themed trailers for today’s Trailer Park. There’s a final Trailer for The Green Lantern, there’s a new parody trailer for The Muppets Movie and the last one, as usual, is a retro trailer surprise! So click the jump to see the trailers!

I think I may have posted this trailer before but whatever I’ll do what I want. Also it’s the right trailer to show seeing as I’ll be reviewing the film tomorrow night. I’m gonna be interested to see the film itself seeing as it’s getting panned and despite the overuse of CGI this trailer really does look like it’s from a damn good film. Maybe it’s flashy but lacks the connective strands needed to tell a good story. We’ll see tomorrow. For now, enjoy the trailer. Like the trailer for Transformers 2 it’s probably better than the actual film.

Next up is Kermit the Frogs attempt to parody The Green Lantern. There will be a real Muppets Movie trailer early next week and I’ve no doubt it’ll be the focus of next weeks Trailer Park Thursday. For now enjoy this one because it’s all we’ve got.

And who else could be the last trailer of this green themed week on the Trailer Park be for but The Hulk. No not The Incredible Hulk, just The Hulk. Ang Lee’s Hulk. You know what? I like this film. It’s not perfect and it’s slow to get moving but it’s got some cool memorable sequences and I’ll take Jennifer Connelly over Liv Tyler any day. Not to say the Ed Norton film is bad, it’s just more of a traditional action movie. this is more of a character piece. I like that they dared to be different with it’s presentation and focus on character rather than action. And just to prove how different it is, here’s the trailer for the HD DVD version of the film. Remember those?

Coming up over the next few days on The Film Dump: Reviews for The Green lantern, The Expendables and Legend Of The Guardians.


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