Afterthoughts: X-Men: First Class

There’s a danger to reviewing a film right after having seen it. Your brain is so full of swirling ideas about the film that inevitably some things get lost in the shuffle and you forget to write them down. So in this post I shall be throwing up a series of randomly generated thoughts that have popped into my head in the days since seeing the film. I get the feeling this may become a regular feature.

First off, in case you didn’t read it, here’s the incoherent rambling I called my review of X-Men: First Class. And now on with the show. Some of these may not make sense until you’ve seen the film.

January Jones reads lines like she is literally reading them. She does not act, she reads.

Azazel looks like like a character from The Mighty Boosh. It’s something about his red skin and textbook Devil hair.

It’s good to see Micheal Ironside make it through a film with both arms intact.

Did they mention Riptide’s name at any point?

“I am going to make this coin move on the count of 3…” Ouch!

That is some out of place end credits music.

“More tea vicar?”

Not sure if a child Mystique is inappropriate or not.

Hank McCoy needs a jawline for 90% of the film.

Superman 2 much?

Those costumes were awesome. Everyone looks amazing in this film.

When I sit through the credits of a Marvel Comics based movie I expect at least one extra scene.

In terms of the films time frame Xavier and Magneto become best buds very quickly. You’d think being able to read Magnetos mind would tell you to maybe keep a little distance from him for a while.

Stop blinking woman!

That was a lot of effort to go through just so Xavier could pick up the nudie channels on his satellite dish.


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