Trailer Park Thursdays: Remake Edition

I thought I’d theme this weeks trailers on movie remakes in honour of the release of the trailer for the US remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. The trailer looks, and sounds, awesome by the way. There are two versions doing the rounds but I think I’ll post the best quality one today. I’ll follow that with the trailer for the remake of Fright Night, a film I’ve never seen, and end with something special…

So first up is The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo US 2011 edition. I’m gonna be all overhyping here and say this is already one of my favorite trailers of all time. It’s just astoundingly good. The music, a cover of Immigrant Song by Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross and Karen O, is pounding and full of the techno-anarchic energy that defines Lisbeth Salander. I have no doubt this will be a damn good remake and can’t think of a better director than Fincher to nail the cold, dark tone the original film thrived on.

UPDATE: Found a new link for the video. Let’s see how long this one stays.

Next up is Fright Night, a remake of an 80’s horror comedy about a kid who suspects his neighbour is a vampire. Oh noes! Now I’ve never seen the original but this trailer looks pretty decent. No doubt it’s gonna have a different feel to the original but sometimes that’s what a remake needs.

Next up one of my favorite remakes of all time and proof positive that a remake isn’t always a bad thing. See also The Thing… Anyway here’s Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers.

Coming soon to The Film Dump The Green Hornet and… well I don’t know cos I haven’t planned that far ahead. Suffice to say I may need to see something that doesn’t involve superheroes before The Green Lantern comes out.


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