Trailer Park Thursdays: Surprise Movie Trailer Edition.

Why is this a surprise trailer edition? Watch the first trailer to find out. After that we have potentially the most painful kids film since The Chipmunks with the trailer for The Smurfs and after that a trailer for the X-Men movie, the old one, not the new one. See starting Saturday I will be reviewing each of the X-Men films on each night ending on the 1st June with X-Men First Class. From now on I’ll be trying to get a lot more new release films reviewed. maybe one every Sunday. We’ll see how it goes. For now, click the link for trailer based goodness.

First up is a trailer for a romantic comedy starring Jason Segel and Amy Adams called Green With Envy… or is it???

Next up prepare for your childhood to be interfered with sexually by the trailer for the live action/filled with cgi movie of The Smurfs. Looks like the writers will be relying on jokes where swears are replaced with the word Smurf. I’m hoping it turns out that Gargamel planted Smurfette in there to seduce the other Smurfs.

Looks like a steaming pile of Smurf.

Finally in honour of the new X-Men film here’s the trailer for the film that not only started the movie franchise of the X-Men but pretty much started the trend of every summer being filled with comic book based movies. It raised the bar a fair bit for this type of film. Seriously, like not long before we were getting stuff like Steel and Batman & Robin. This year we have the excellent Thor and X-Men First Class, Captain America and Green Lantern all to come. Plus there was supposed to be a Spider-Man 4 this year but that went belly up. anyway, here it is… Enjoy.

God that’s a piss poor trailer, but totally the norm for a movie like that at the time. Remember, come back Saturday for the review of X-Men. Tomorrow night I’ll be reviewing the Oscar Nominated animated film The Secret Of Kells. Heard good stuff, never seen it before so hopefully it’s as good as they say.


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