Stats Dump. We’re One Month Old Today… Well just before midnight last night really…

So yeah, I started this blog around midnight on the 25th of April on a whim after watching Mortal Kombat and thinking “I should write a review of this in the hopes someone will read it and help massage my ego”. Well 30 days later and there’s very little ego massaging going on, but there are stats to be shared. So here we go…

So first off the big numbers. Since starting this blog I have had 756 page views. I’m pretty sure about 300 of those are spam referrals but I’m still counting them. For those that don’t know Spam Referrers basically create a link to your blog on their crappy ad fueled web page hoping you’ll see it in the your referrals stats and then click the link to go to their site and give them a little bit of sweet ad money. Pretty lame practice cos there’s no way to stop them so total view stats are always gonna be a bit skewed. They usually just link to the home page though so they don’t mess with the actual posts stats, which is nice of them.

Right now I am averaging 24 views per day which seems alright. Would be nice to have more. Had a basic rule that if I could average over 100 views a day I’d consider buying the .com. My busiest day was May 10th which was the day I published my Scott Pilgrim Vs The World review which Edgar Wright himself was kind enough to reply to my tweet about. That became my most viewed review in one day, didn’t stay there though. Something bigger, more epic took over fairly quickly.

The Top 5 Most Read Reviews!!!

Movie Review No.5: Titanic 2 … Wait, What? with 60 views
Movie Review No.10: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World with 39 views
Movie Review No.6: Thor with 24 views
Movie Review No.1: MORTAL KOMBAT!!! with 16 views
Movie Review No.13: Waiting For “Superman” with 13 views

Small fry with the views so far but no worries. i hope to get to the point where even the most obscure of films get’s this many views in no time. Need more Twitter followers first methinks.

Top 5 Most Searched For Criteria.

So here’s the top 5 things that people have searched for to find the Film Dump. Some of these are a little strange. Never realised Shane Van Dyke had so many fans.

shane van dyke
titanic 2
thor film wallpaper
film titanic 2

Now these are individual searches so “Titanic 2” and “Film Titanic 2” are counted as separate search items. Shane Van Dyke has 21 searches alone but there’s multiple other searches for Shane Vand Dyke and the rest of the Van Dyke family. Shane’s daddy Barry is just outside the top 5. It’s quite bizarre. I figured Thor and other such big films would be the most searched for. Guess I need to get reviewing Paranormal Entity and Transmorphers 2 so I can become the go to space for Shanve Van Dyke movie reviews.

So that’s the basic stats, I also have 1 subscriber so far and that’s because I forced him too. Would like to see more people commenting and subscribing and maybe even spreading the links. But only do that if I’ve actually written a good review. Sometimes my writing is pretty lazy. That’s what happens when you write reviews at 1AM. Anyway, I’ll do this again in 5 months when the blog is 6 months old. Until then I’ll keep posting reviews and hopefully expanding what this blog offers as it goes along. laters yo!


About lvl54spacemonkey

Just a dude who likes movies and games and has delusions of working in one of those industries. Write screenplays and work on short films in my spare time. Most of which never get finished. View all posts by lvl54spacemonkey

3 responses to “Stats Dump. We’re One Month Old Today… Well just before midnight last night really…

  • When it's just you!

    Great blog! Loved the sequel posts!! Hope your viewership has improved. Good luck 🙂

    Reviewing one movie a day

    • lvl54spacemonkey

      Cheers for the positive comment! Is your blog that one I’ve seen where you’ve planned t review a film a day for a year? Your screen name links to a deleted blog now. I saw that film a day thing and thought that would be one hell of a tough schedule to keep. I go by a rule of reviewing every film as I see it. I do plan out special weeks though and have another planned for later this month.

  • AVA

    Well my blog address is: ..I’m reviewing one movie at a time on my Netflix queue. Ya, its quite a tough schedule to keep up!

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