Trailer Park Thursdays: Herge’s Adventures in Previews!!!

This weeks Trailer Park Thursday brings you the first trailer for Adventures of Tintin which is looking awesome/creepy depending on who you ask, the trailer for the new Conan The Barbarian film and to add a bit of relevancy to recent celebrity new the trailer for the original Arnold Schwarzenegger Conan The Barbarian for you to compare and contrast with the new films trailer. Hit the link for the trailer based fun.

First up it’s not Herge’s but Spielbergs Adventures of Tintin. Quite interested in this seeing as Stephen Moffat, Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish all had a hand in the script. Stephen Moffat being the guy behind the new Doctor Who, Edgar Wright being Britains greatest export and Joe Cornish who made some films with cuddley toys once, oh, and he has a film called Attack The Block out int he cinema right now.

Next up is the trailer for this years reboot, of sorts, of Conan The Barbarian. This isn’t a remake which I think some people are failing to grasp. I don’t see why people are throwing so much hate at the trailer. Yes it’s fairly standard looking stuff but the fantasy scope seems pretty wide and I quite like how Jason Mamoa looks as Conan. There is a little dodgy CGI in the trailer though.

And lastly the original Conan. A film where they basically left Arnie to fend for himself for a few weeks and filmed the events as they transpired. Obviously this was before he got all political and stuff.

Upcoming reviews will be including Tobe Hoopers Lifeforce, L.A. Confidential and next weekend the X-Men movies. Even the Wolverine one. Why I am putting myself through that I don’t know.


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