Trailer Park Thursdays: Nyaaaaaaahhh!!!

So I’m starting a new weekly feature here called Trailer Park Thursdays. Yes Trailer Park Tuesdays sounds better but this is more a feature out of necessity. See I work late on Thursdays and so do not have the time to watch and then review a film. Seeing as I have a strict rule that I only review a film I have just watched I need to have the time to write the review on the same day. So in lieu of a review for Thursday nights I shall be picking out some trailers either been revealed other the past week or are just classic slices of movie trailer craftsmanship. Today I present trailers for Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2, Real Steel and a classic trailer of mystery!!!

So first up is Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2. Not something I’m likely to enjoy, Harry and I have a not entirely amicable history, but this trailer is hilarious for one reason. Well one sound… NYAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

Next up is Real Steel, or Rocky Sockem Robots as it should be called. Wasn’t expecting this film to look so good. I’m not expecting too much from it but I do believe I will see it cos it may well be a bit of a gem. Look out for Hugh Jackman in full on Rocky Balboa training gear.

And lastly… Don’t


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