Transformers 3: Dark Of the Moon Trailer is here!!!

Well Transformers 2 was utter balls. I remember leaving the cinema from a midnight showing thinking it was enjoyable enough and then gradually for the next few weeks I started hating it more and more as all the bad stuff that I must have blocked out came back to me like a series of intense ‘Nam flashbacks. So yeah, this had better be a better film Bay or I’ll be expecting answers. Honestly I can’t see how it could end up worse unless it was written by, starring and directed by Shane Van Dyke and made for straight to dvd by a knock off movie production company called The Asylum. Oh yeah, there’s a trailer for the new film and it looks quite good.

Update: Now includes embedded trailer thanks to youtuber Good4josh!

So for now I just have the Quicktime link but once I see it on the youtubes I’ll be sure to embed it. That said, quicktime quality will be better anyway cos youtube codecs and compression sucks balls.


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