The magical first post and statement of intent… sounds fancy.


So the plan here is to try to make this WordPress blog the start of a foolish attempt by me to have a movie review blog. I watch a lot of films, I’ve studied film and have delusions of even writing them so maybe I might be able to provide some sort of random guide to films I have seen. I admittedly have no idea how to layout this stuff but I’m hoping I’ll learn and eventually make something browsable.

I do have ideas on what I’d like this site to be one day though but that’s for another time when I am making the sort of money that would allow that to happen. For now I’ll just review every film I see in the order I’m watching them from now on be they films currently at the cinema, recently released on dvd or something from the past. I may even take requests.

I’ll try to keep some form of variety in the types of films reviewed. I don’t just watch big dumb action films. For example, recent films I have watched include Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest, The Social Network, At The Height Of Summer and venerable classic of modern (90s) cinema, Mortal Kombat. That last film will be the subject of my first review.

Now, I just need to figure out how to use photo editing software to make a blog banner of some kind.


About lvl54spacemonkey

Just a dude who likes movies and games and has delusions of working in one of those industries. Write screenplays and work on short films in my spare time. Most of which never get finished. View all posts by lvl54spacemonkey

4 responses to “The magical first post and statement of intent… sounds fancy.

  • blackwatertown

    Wordpress is easy to use – even I can do it.
    Anytime you use an image, you’re offered the option to make it a featured image I think – that’s one way to make it your banner as a background to your blog title.

    I have a few film post – you might find this one on An Education interesting – and how they struggled over th eending.

    • lvl54spacemonkey

      Woo hoo! First comment on my new blog! Cheers for the info. Have a friend of mine designing a blog banner for me. I have a link to his website on the sidebar. For now I’m gonna keep it simple. Last time I had a blog was on windows spaces and that was a nightmare to use. It got transferred here but I had lost interest by then. That was just a random nonsense blog. This one is intended to be focused on movies.

      I’ve still not seen An Education so I’m a little hesitant to read all of that article. It’s on my Lovefilm though so it’ll get reviewed on here eventually.

    • lvl54spacemonkey

      Watched An Education and reviewed it last night. Agree with you about the clumsy use of voice over at the end. Excellent film though. Added a link to your blog about the film in my review.

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